Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those are the Breaks! Part the Second

We're recuperating nicely in Arizona, thank you. How nice not to need a store-bought heavy jacket, nor a home-made scarf, nor the four layers of outdoor readiness (with the exception of the waning hours of our NY stay).

Things were just ducky during our last full day cruising the Northern border. At a pond at one of our breaks we saw 12-15 Mallards - drakes and hens - come skidding to a stop on the chilled water, shake themselves, and let the water roll . . . you know how water behaves with these creatures. Great sport! At first one walked (waddled) on the thin layer of ice near the edge of the small pond and soon many of the gang were attempting it - with expected results. It provided many solid digital shots.

Another break in the day was when we were alerted to a mink scurrying from the pond to the woods with a reward of some type in its mouth (nothing Mallard-like). We may or may not have a distinct pic - its under review at the moment.

Let's take a break from the breaks and dabble in an older word or two from our wonderful language. (No extra charge.) The question is - would you rather be an eggler or a flunkey?
As an eggler you would gather and sell not only eggs of all kinds for eating and hatching, but nests, snakes and other items for curious purchasers.
The eggler was outside in his travels, and the flunkey moreso. He was a 'servant of the livery'. When the coach left, the flunkey ran along with or ahead of the horses carrying a lantern or torch to light the way, pay tolls, or otherwise be ready to meet the needs of the coachman or passengers.

What a life those teens had - fresh air - exercise - entrepeneurship opportunities- travel and adventure - little, if any, homework. Rugged individualism at its best. Right!

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