Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What to do... what to do?

Midst the gentle promptingsss of one's descendants there is at this moment an effort being made to add to the resume' of the writer. New descriptive terms seem to be 'composer', 'arranger', (of words primarily) and of course 'blogger'. Well, here goes....

If there happen to be additional writings they'll likely be an olio of considerations. Some likelihoods are humor (humour, for our guests from the Near North), language, languages, music, religion, travel...

Other interests may include genealogy, nutrition [euphemism for food - of any kind], history, computers, and such.

Fairness dictates clarity for some terms. The main one at this time is interest. Interest, to me, speaks of an acquaintance with and a desire to continue a degree of familiarity with an item or topic. To take myself off the hook, or put up some security fencing around possible hooks, I must state that, for me, interest does not demand nor imply any skill level beyond reasonably correct spelling and reasonably correct pronunciation (all modified by contact with people (often known as them))

As this contact progresses, I imagine it will become more decorative and perhaps include pictures, as the pros do. I'll have some more words on the name for this space as well.

Now, the introduction comes in the place of the benediction. George (named for my deliverer Dr. George Allen of Champlain, NY), C_ _ _ _ _ _ (for no reason I've heard of), Aubrey (elf ruler) was raised South of the Border (from the perspective of Canadians) and traveled to become one North of the Border (from the perspective of Mexicans).

More on this at another time.

Two items to wind up with -
1. a nutritional dream (as I haven't seen it before me - yet) is a spaghetti-flavored, raspberry-filled, chocolate-covered doughnut;
2. Have you had a chance to take a look at the Bible-study site e-sword.net yet? I count it a good site for comparison of a variety of versions - most are free and available in many languages, and some are for purchase; graphics, commentaries and dictionaries are available for free download. Take a look.

Excuse me for a while as I figure out what to do next. . . .


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Made it to TN

We made it from Sunny AZ to Sunny TN today. Good to see #2 son and family. More later.