Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That fruity flavor. . .

Just finished a delightful breakfast. On a greater percentage of the days I go with cold cereal. As a base. Many times I could say I go with cold cereals. As a base. I lean toward Life, as often as it can be arranged, supplemented with a compatible grain offering. Then comes the frosting on the cake, so to speak.

Occasionally the availability of various fruit yields a veritable feast such as occured this morning.
Banana (the more mature one of the group), berries of the blue-, rasp- and straw- persuasions and date logs plus peaches (plum size - from the farmer's market last week). Did I miss anything? Oh, nuts! That's it! The chopped pecans and walnuts. Almost forgot them.

Standing in the wings as sort of understudies we have dried fruit - cranberries, slab apricots and a berry mix - most of this by way of [not compliments of] Trader Joe's.

Tastes good enough to eat!

To look ahead, there may be more than one or two posts on our Land Cruise, during which we had a non-traditional Sunday morning service. Stay tuned. May have news of other breakfasts handed to us.