Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That fruity flavor. . .

Just finished a delightful breakfast. On a greater percentage of the days I go with cold cereal. As a base. Many times I could say I go with cold cereals. As a base. I lean toward Life, as often as it can be arranged, supplemented with a compatible grain offering. Then comes the frosting on the cake, so to speak.

Occasionally the availability of various fruit yields a veritable feast such as occured this morning.
Banana (the more mature one of the group), berries of the blue-, rasp- and straw- persuasions and date logs plus peaches (plum size - from the farmer's market last week). Did I miss anything? Oh, nuts! That's it! The chopped pecans and walnuts. Almost forgot them.

Standing in the wings as sort of understudies we have dried fruit - cranberries, slab apricots and a berry mix - most of this by way of [not compliments of] Trader Joe's.

Tastes good enough to eat!

To look ahead, there may be more than one or two posts on our Land Cruise, during which we had a non-traditional Sunday morning service. Stay tuned. May have news of other breakfasts handed to us.


Steve said...

Glad you're leaning towards life. And your "nuts" comment surprised me, and made me laugh.

But you're not talking about breakfast, you're talking about building a wedding cake of fruits, dried and otherwise, based on the foundational Life.

And you have the temerity to eat such a magnificent concoction afterwards? The nerve! It's almost as if you paid for it or something!!

Steve said...

You have been tagged. Quirk meme!