Friday, June 6, 2008

Once more, with feeling

It would seem I've been able to learn well the lesson of not rushing into matters, like posting blogs. A degree of insouciance seems to be the order of the day. Since our last meeting much water has gone under the bridge, over the dam and wherever else it has chosen to venture.

* Mary has received the official okey-dokey on her first knee replacement. Dr. Cohen is tops! Lower extremity #2 will be a Jan., '09 consideration.

* Our Sunday School class (25 strong) helped in several projects (painting, fountain, spackle and paint the laundry room, prepare the coolers for summer, etc.) at 'Hospitality House' - a USO-like setting for military personnel in our area. They don't do overnights, but when they do come they have plenty of snack items, books, walking areas, meals, Bible Studies and fellowship to busy themselves with. The host family is very gracious, and the Mr. and Mrs. have undergone considerable training prior to being accepted as setting Hosts. (All this accomplished on Armed Forces Day (May 17) to boot!)

*We attended a Retirement breakfast for those of Mary's associates from Johnston School on Ft. Huachuca. One couple is planning to head to Costa Rica to build and settle in for the next 20 or 30 years. Their setting will be in Nuevo Arenal. His brother is a builder and a long-time resident of the area. Sounds helpful to me. That same evening, we a attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for friends of ours. Both settings were similar in some aspects - each celebrated an achievement and was a pleasant atmosphere with the recognition from friends and family; as well, in both settings, we were able to renew acquaintances from a few to several years back. I like that in an activity.

*This brings to mind one aspect of one of my retirement activities __ years ago. This was with one of the Elementary schools I was associated with - knowing my feelings toward the brown vegetable, they purchased a pink cord jacket, added several pockets and stuffed each with a variety of candy bars. I viewed this as very thoughtful as I generally refer to them as 'Snowbank Supplies', emergency, readily available and completely adequate items for home or travel, in the event of . . . .

*Did I mention that the following January I received a diagnosis of Diabetes, Type 2? Another of life's mysteries. I must say that these events are viewed as examples of parallelism rather than as cause and effect. Or perhaps genetic predestination. . .



The polite snake you saw last week - could be called a civil serpent. Couldn't it?

(Hope you had some pleasant moments with your dictionary, Doug!)


Jer.29:13 has good contemplative qualities. Reading it in THE MESSAGE gives it a bit of urgency.



Angie said...

I was just SURE that the brown vegetable to which you were referring was of the mushroom variety.

Silly me.

George said...

You used to be such a straight thinker, line-drive logic and all that! I know, it's the heat - your brain has been addled, saddled and paddled. It's Al's fault - drop over and tell him I said so.